Proven Quality, Leading Technology

Wood Finishing

We offer comprehensive Wood Finishing solutions to our esteemed clients that are accomplished making use of sophisticated technology and machinery, under the guidance of expert professionals. Our range of products includes HVLP Turbine, Finish pro 390 and Finex guns, which offer high efficiency and designed in accordance to set industrial standards.

HVLP Wood Finish Turbine

TurboForce Technology:

  • Exclusive, proprietary HVLP turbine design builds more pressure at the gun.
  • More air flow and air pressure means higher production with less thinning.
  • Higher efficiency than standard turbines generates less heat and provides longer life.

Built-in Cup Holders:

  • Conveniently holds HVLP EdGE Gun and cup when not spraying.
  • Extra cup holder for cleaning fluids and material.

Super-Flex™ Air Hose:

  • 15% lighter weight than other leading brands for more control at the gun.
  • No tools hose connection.

Industry Leading Dual Filtration System:

  • Extends motor life and ensures the highest quality finish.
  • Main automotive-grade filter has 20 sq ft [6 m] of filtration – the most advanced filtration system on the market today.
  • Outperforms foam filters commonly used on other HVLP sprayers.

Utility Toolbox Design:

  • Stores gun, cup, power cord and supplies inside.
  • Separate top storage for extra needle and nozzle sets.
  • Durable design provides insulation for quieter operation.
Finish Pro 390
The FinishPro 390 and FinishPro 395 units are Graco’s premier solutions to fine finishing. The FinishPro 390 offers a high-quality fine finish at a high production rate while the FinishPro 395 handles the most challenging materials.

Lightweight, Compact Design:

  • Welded, durable, chromed frame is light enough for one person to handle.
  • Retractable handle allows for easy movement and compact storage.
  • Hose wrap holds up to 100 ft [30 m] of fluid and air hose.

Single Selector Switch:

  • Simple, color-coded labels easily identify air-assisted or airless modes.
  • Easy to understand for users new to air-assisted airless technology.

RAC x SwitchTips:

  • Graco’s fine finish tips provide a superior finish.
  • Reversible tips allow for easy clearing of clogged tips – no need to disassemble the gun.
  • Switching tips is simple – ideal when moving from trim to doors.

Optimized Air Cap:

  • Utilizes 8 air passages to deliver air closer to the tip – resulting in a softer, more consistent pattern from start to finish.

Air Adjustment Valve:

  • Conveniently located right at the gun.

High Pressure Fluid Swivel:

  • Exclusive design swivels easily under pressure.
Finex Guns
Introducing the, innovative Contractor and FTx Guns from Graco. Designed to be the longest-lasting guns on the market and continue to be the #1 choice of painting contractors!

Exclusive FlexSeal Design:

  • Totally enclosed needle design (patent pending) eliminates exposure to fluid and extends needle life by 70%
  • Fluid pushes on seal to quickly shut-off needle and reduce spitting
  • Spring located outside fluid path for less fluid restriction and better flow.

Modular Needle Cartridge:

  • Easiest gun to service on the market
  • Simply remove trigger cross pin and unthread front housing to change out needle

Ergonomic Contractor Gun Handle:

  • Form-fit handle provides maximum control and comfort while spraying.
  • Overall weight is lighter than other airless guns on the market, reducing operator fatigue.

Trigger Lock & Gun Trigger:

  • Smooth, lightweight trigger pull with simple, thumb-engaged safety lock
  • Contractor 2-finger trigger provides more control of the gun while spraying

Detachable Trigger Guard:

  • Detaches from bottom and swings clear of gun handle for easy access to gun filter.

Easy Out Gun Filter:

  • Filters from the inside out to prevent filter from collapsing
  • Interchangeable with Contractor II & FTx II Guns.

EasyGlide Swivel:

  • Exclusive dual-seal swivel design reduces sealing friction under pressure, making this the best swivel on the market!